T-Wolves recruit Seattle fan

Connor, a 16-year-old basketball fan in Seattle — a city without an NBA team — sent a letter to every NBA team asking why he should be a fan of their team.


Only one team responded, he posted on Reddit — the Minnesota Timberwolves.


It’s probably not a good sign, though, that the president of the Timberwolves misspelled the name of the team’s #1 draft choice.

  • Jeff

    Dear Chris:
    I gave up in the 4th quarter last night. 2+ hours of my life I won’t get back. Nobody can make an open jump shot or finish at the rim. But hey Payne looks like a steal – add him to your list.

    — Jeff

    • Never watch an NBA game until the fourth quarter has started.

      • Matthew

        I’ve long thought that basketball would be greatly improved if the game would randomly end somewhere between 38 and 48 minutes. If you never know when the game will end, that might help eliminate the end-of-the-game shenanigans.

      • Jeff

        I’m not sure I want to waste an hour watching the last ten minutes of a close game. My sleep was already disrupted by daylight savings time.

  • X.A. Smith

    So the Wolves are the only team so bad that they have to gain fans via individually written snail mail.

    • jon

      I’m sure they are just excited to have some one willing to attend a timber wolves game on purpose… Even if they are based in Seattle and thus unlikely to ever actually attend a game.

      • Jeff

        Guess you haven’t been paying attention lately? There’s been a number of sell-outs.

        I hope there’s still room on the bandwagon in a couple years.

  • Matt K

    Bellingham is 100 miles north of Seattle. It is not in Seattle nor is it even a suburb of Seattle. This is the equivalent of saying a Wolves fan in Eau Claire lives in Minneapolis.