Punishment rescinded for team that wore pink

Cooler heads have prevailed near Los Angeles where a high school girl’s basketball team was disqualified from the playoffs because they wore uniforms to call attention to breast cancer.

A day after the Narbonne High School team was ousted for not getting a “waiver” for the uniforms, officials had a change of heart, according to the Torrance Daily Breeze.

L.A. City Section Commissioner John Aguirre said the uniform rule was implemented in the 1980s, when there was a “concern for certain colors and gang affiliation and things like that,” and he noted that the rule would be addressed in the future.

“The decision (Tuesday) was based on placing kids first, and determining the spirit and intent of the rule,” Aguirre said. “The intent isn’t to deny kids playoff and championship opportunities. This was a purely positive effort on the part of Narbonne’s basketball program to support a worthy cause.”

The coach of the team, however, will not be barred from the postseason and the team will not be allowed to host any postseason games next year. The coach says she’s just fine with that.