MN senator in LA sex scandal… 123 years ago

Courtesy of Vox, we learned that 123 years ago today, the Los Angeles Herald revealed scandal in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, from which a Minnesota state senator had fled.

The climate of Los Angeles had made him feel like a “young buck” and he wanted to “taste some of the joys from which he had been debarred by the restrictions of respectability.”

So he went to an orgy.

“He came from Saint Paul, but he knew a thing or two,” the paper says about his demand that police arrest all the women in the place when his wallet disappeared.

He had second thoughts when a messenger boy showed up with the wallet, which had been left in the company of yet another woman.

Have we mentioned, yet, that the senator — unnamed in the story — was “noted at home for his austere life and piety”?

The Library of Congress has the newspaper issue here.

And we have now taken it upon ourselves to track down the identity of the scoundrel.

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