Minnesota Wild grant daughter’s wish in trade for her dad

Professional athletes may make plenty of money, but how much would you take to live without your child?

The Minnesota Wild acquired Minnesota native Jordan Leopold from Columbus today.

It might make good hockey sense for the team to pick up Leopold, a 34-year-old defenseman.

Or it makes no real sense at all except that his daughter wrote the team asking for her dad to come home.

“I am lost without my dad and so is my mom, my 2 sisters and my brother” Jordyn Leopold, 11, wrote. They live in Minnesota. He was in Ohio.


  • Greg W

    That’s adorable.

  • Jeff

    As good a reason as any. A budding general manager.

  • Mark

    The cynic in me says that it’s manufactured, but the softy in me teared up. Softy wins.

  • vettes0178

    Awwwwww, bring him home to the wild where be belongs!

  • John O.

    Welcome home, Jordan!