Embracing winter: The Duct Tape Derby

Before we bid adieu to winter, we tip our hat to the season that allows us to start a week with a paragraph like this in today’s Mankato Free Press about the inaugural Duct Tape Derby at Mt. Kato on Saturday.

The next to last racer in the inaugural Duct Tape Derby, the Windsor whiskey sled — complete with brown duct tape for the bottle, black duct tape for the bottle cap, a gas gauge that read “alcohol level” with the indicator on “E,” and four cup holders for the three middle-aged riders — got off to in inauspicious start. One of the riders was thrown from the bottle within seconds, a red Solo cup tumbling after him.

  • Gary F


    Many years ago I was at a national sales meeting and we were divided into teams and each team was given a 4’x4’x4′ box, a huge roll of plastic wrap, many roles of duct tape, a utility knife and a 8′ long rigid cardboard tube used for carpeting.

    We had build a boat contest and had races in the hotel pool. A blast.

  • John

    The Tie fighter sled is cool.

    Very disappointed that the Mankato Free Press didn’t include a photo of the sled described above.