Author who documented old love, dies young

WBUR A few weeks ago, I passed along a wonderful article from WBUR’s Cognoscenti blog about elderly people finding new love.

At age 102, Marcia Deihl’s mom had fallen in love with a 91-year-old man at their nursing home.

She had spent a week with her mom in January, celebrating her birthday, and watching romance.

“It’s a different sort of love that I see,” she wrote. “So pure, so down-to-the-essence, so dear. It’s what they are, not what they do. It’s eros, not agape.”

Three days after the birthday, and after Marcia had written and submitted her post, her mother died.

And here’s today’s “life is not fair” moment.

Marcia was struck by a truck while riding her bicycle yesterday. She was killed.

She was only 65.

Regrettably, as is often the case in these instances, the online world couldn’t pause the drivers vs. bicyclists debate long enough to mourn her passing.