Among country’s great cities, add Pierre and Waconia

Among the great mysteries on the planet, this one must now be added: How is it that Pierre, S.D., got more votes in a Monopoly contest than Minneapolis?

Hasbro’s press release today reveals the names of cities that will occupy the board on a new edition of Monopoly.

Of 4 million votes cast, Pierre beat out Minneapolis and will replace Boardwalk in the edition. Minneapolis is relegated to Park Place.

Apparently, this was a big deal in Pierre, which had previously been known as the state capital no kid remembers.

“Our community members, school district, local media and several state government offices all worked together to make Pierre the Boardwalk space on the MONOPOLY HERE & NOW: U.S. Edition game, and we’re thrilled to be the top spot!’ Pierre Mayor Laurie Gill said in the news release.

There’s another surprise in today’s announcement: Waconia gets a spot on the board.

Dark Blue: Pierre, SD; Minneapolis, MN
Green: New York, NY; Virginia Beach, VA; Los Angeles, CA
Yellow: Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; Charleston, SC
Red: Detroit, MI; Boston, MA; Milwaukee, WI
Orange: Cleveland, OH; Asheville, NC; Denver, CO
Magenta: Atlanta, GA; Little Rock, AR; Seattle, WA
Light Blue: Portsmouth, NH; Charlotte, NC; Dallas, TX
Brown: Waconia, MN; Chesapeake, VA

Waconia replaces Mediterranean Avenue.

  • The real honor is the orange spaces. It’s always a race to own those properties when I play.

  • Jerry

    And how many do you think are going to pronounce Pierre properly. Or at least the way South Dakotans pronounce it.

    • steinbeckian

      Which is properly.

  • Al

    Curse you, Interwebs! You’re the reason we have that stupid cat token now, too, instead of the iron.

    • Matthew Becker

      *shakes fist at sky*

    • Gary F

      My wife would buy a used spent nuclear rod if it had a picture of a cute cat on it. We may have to buy a whole new Monopoly set just because it now has a cat.

      • John

        I feel like I just got a little glimpse into why you are the way you are. :). (I laughed at your comment)

      • John O.

        Gary, thank you for starting my day with that gem!

  • Brent Strom

    It’s not a surprise, Bob. Groups have used internet polls for all sorts of nefarious deeds, such as Rickrolling the Mets. Pierre organized an effort and it worked.


    2008 New York Mets season

    On 4 April 2008, many web communities, starting with,[28] urged their readers to vote “Never Gonna Give You Up” for the 8th inning sing-along at Shea Stadium for the New York Mets season. The Mets posted a web poll to select a song, and left a blank field for write-ins. The Mets organisation announced on 7 April 2008 that “Never Gonna Give You Up” was the winner with more than five million votes.[29] The Mets decided not to commit to using Astley’s song and subsequently announced a run-off among six songs that would be played at Shea Stadium for the next six games, starting with “Never Gonna Give You Up” on 8 April 2008.[30] later reported on the game, claiming “Never Gonna Give You Up” was played as a “result of fans rigging the vote in favor of Astley, all part of a universal Internet phenomenon known as Rick Rolling”. The song was played during the home opener and was greeted with “a shower of boos”.[31]

    • Brent Strom. Classic username.

      • Brent Strom

        Unaffiliated with the MLB player, I assure you. Thankfully, it makes it more difficult to Google me. In this case, it’s literally just my name.

        • I’m a longtime Cleveland fan so it jumped out.

          • Gary F

            Put Rick Astley and Nirvanna in your You Tube search engine.

            Yep, its that good. Sorry to stray from the subject Bob.

  • Jeff

    Where’s Bob today?