When TV weatherpeople get too excited

Today’s proof that TV meteorologists are not of this world comes from — surprise! — The Weather Channel, which was camped out on a beach on Cape Cod to document the latest assault from winter when a perfectly natural thing happened.


Suffice it to say, the people in Massachusetts aren’t quite as excited. The overnight storm has added to record snowfall totals. In the last few weeks, the region has had about 7 feet of snow.

But people pull together, as usual. On Friday, my elderly mother couldn’t get a needed delivery of fuel oil because the delivery driver couldn’t navigate around the house to the tank. Within five minutes of my posted message on Facebook looking for help, no fewer than six people in the area offered to plow and snowblow a long pathway for access. And the one I selected did. At no cost.

“We just like to help people,” he said.

Now there’s something worth jumping for joy over.