The winners and losers of Super Bowl XLIX

No matter what kind of day you have at work today, at least it’s not going to be as bad as the one the Seattle Seahawks had in last night’s Super Bowl, when they elected to pass the ball for the win rather than just give it to automatic-touchdown running back Marshawn Lynch.

The Patriots were ready for the run, though it’s unlikely they could’ve stopped Lynch with seconds to go.

Yes, that’s a receiver who’s obviously going to be wide open for the win.

Until Malcolm Butler saw what was happening.

It’s the kind of crushing loss for the Seahawks that can almost — almost — make you wish your team didn’t play in it.

When it was all over, there was nothing left to do but to get in your waiting executive jet and head for home. All but 4 airplanes shown in this FlightAware screen shot an hour after the game were business jets.

Forbes has its annual list of winners and losers out this morning. The usual suspects are on it. But it declares Nationwide the loser. For this.

That sent Twitter into hysterics. Of course.

And Nationwide was forced to issue this statement last night:

Preventable injuries around the home are the leading cause of childhood deaths in America. Most people don’t know that. Nationwide ran an ad during the Super Bowl that started a fierce conversation. The sole purpose of this message was to start a conversation, not sell insurance. We want to build awareness of an issue that is near and dear to all of us-the safety and well being of our children. We knew the ad would spur a variety of reactions. In fact, thousands of people visited, a new website to help educate parents and caregivers with information and resources in an effort to make their homes safer and avoid a potential injury or death. Nationwide has been working with experts for more than 60 years to make homes safer. While some did not care for the ad, we hope it served to begin a dialogue to make safe happen for children everywhere.

Pete Carroll knows how you feel, Nationwide.

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