Return of the Timberwolves prodigal son?

Bringing back yesterday’s stars is a thing in Minnesota sports now and the Minnesota Timberwolves appear ready to get on board.

The Wolves are trying to bring Kevin Garnett back to the squad, ESPN reports.

The team would send Thad Young to Brooklyn for Garnett, assuming Garnett waives a no trade clause.

Garnett said last fall he’d like to buy a piece of the Timberwolves.

Nets Daily points out, however, that relations between Garnett and Wolves owner Glen Taylor are not particularly warm.

Why would the Timberwolves do this? Garnett is almost 39 years old and there’s very little left in the tank.

They have the worst attendance in the NBA.

Today is the NBA trade deadline.

Update 2:02 p.m. – The deal has been finalized according to out-of-market NBA writers.

  • Joe

    As a percentage of the stadium we’re only 3rd worst in attendance. Small victories!

    As for the trade, it’d be a steal for the Nets. And remember, we gave up a first-round draft pick (likely top 15) for Thad Young.

    • Well, if we could take out some seats, then, our attendance could be the best in the league. (g)

      As for losing a draft pick, consider it Kevin Garnett for a draft night bust.

      • Joe

        Well I was kidding, but the size of a stadium is a proxy for the size of the market. So the fact that Philadelphia has the same number of people watching basketball as us while being a metro twice the size is actually worse. Similarly, if OKC and NYC have the same number of fans, it is certainly more impressive that OKC can fill an arena.

        As for your pessimism about draft picks, now you’re speaking like a true Minnesotan. And if you do believe the ownership will inevitably screw up draft picks than of course you’d rather take KG. Which I think is where some people actually are.

        • I don’t think that follows. If a market is bigger, it also has more entertainment options.

          I assume you’re not actually suggesting Minneapolis is a better NBA town than Philadelphia.

          Also it’s important to remember that the attendance reported by the Timberwolves is absolute fantasy.

          • BJ

            So are the numbers for all sports teams. Once they do corporate sales, those seats sit empty, game after game.

          • Joe

            You don’t think it’d be easier to draw 0.25% of the NYC metro to a Knicks game than to draw 5% of the OKC metro to a Thunder game?

            And the T-Wolves have had higher attendance than the 76ers for 4 out of the past 5 years. Maybe we’re not a better basketball town, I don’t know. I’ve never been there. But I do know that they attend pro basketball games at a comparable (if not lower) level.

          • If the owner were anyone other than Glen Taylor, this team would’ve been in Seattle by now.

    • I highly doubt Miami misses the playoffs now that they have the Dragic bros. It stinks not to have that pick, but it looks much more likely to fall in the #15-20 range than the #10-15 range.

      • Joe

        Yeah, the point was just that we gave it up for nothing. We got 25 games out of Thad (and 6 wins), then dumped his contract.

        He is a good player, and a good guy, but even the 20th pick would provide more long term value than that.

        • Perhaps. If Tyus Jones is drafted in that range, I’ll obviously be upset.

          Terrific hoops writer Steve McPherson wrote a good blog this morning about the false equivalency of saying we traded a first round pick for Garnett. We traded a first round pick for Thad Young. That didn’t work out for various reasons, but that’s who we traded the pick for. Now that the Thad experiment has failed, the Wolves have decided to traded Thad for KG. You wouldn’t say the Wolves traded OJ Mayo for Andrew Wiggins, would you?

          “Should the Wolves be vilified if they were to give up a first round draft pick for the right to present Garnett’s twilight campaign? Absolutely. But that’s not what they’re doing. If Young is opting out, holding on at this point simply because you traded a first round pick for him is like going out for a fancy dinner, getting sick, then trying not to puke because of how much you spent on the meal.”

          • Joe

            Well I also thought it was a bad idea to trade a pick for Young, but I get your point. That was the bad decision, not this.

          • Agreed. I actually felt relieved when Flip traded that heavily protected future first for Adreian Payne because that means our front office can’t trade another first-rounder until that Hawks pick turns into second-rounders in 2021 (or we make the playoffs, whichever comes first). So at least we can’t trade our own picks anymore.

            I’d also like to see the Timberwolves treat second round draft picks as something other than quick cash for Glen to sell.

          • Again, wasn’t the draft pick sent to Philly part of the trade that sent Shved and whatsisname away?

            Ever notice how many first round draft picks the Twolves have to give away to get other teams to take players we don’t want?

          • Yeah, it’s funny to see that first round pick we used to get rid of Wesley Johnson still bouncing around the league. Phoenix traded it to Boston fro Brandan Wright earlier in the year.

            There was a lot of rumors today that the Wolves were planning to use picks to get rid of Chase Budinger. Although, I have to believe those rumors are inaccurate, because Sam Hinkie has never said no to getting draft picks.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    We know that Torii Hunter is here so he can retire as a member of the Twins. (He’s all but said that this year or maybe next will likely be his last.)

    Garnet maybe on the last roundup and if he is, he might decide retiring with the team that gave him his chance is preferable to being just another guy on the 2nd team in NYC.

    • As I said when the signing of Hunter was made, someday the priority will be winning.

      Flip just sent two veterans off the team because of a committment to youth and the lack of a role for a veteran to play. Turning around and bringing in a guy at the end of the line a couple of weeks after saying that is oh so Wolfy.

      • Jeff

        From what I recall KG has a reputation of riding his teammates for slacking and he also has a history of success – something the young pups need. Maybe this is the angle.

        • Yeah, maybe. But the bingo square for Flip’s card for “we didn’t come out with any energy tonight” was filled in long ago. As has the same block for every other coach the Wolves have had in the last decade.

          I’m beyond thinking ANYTHING motivates NBA players who aren’t already motivated.

      • Jerry

        What a terrifying, if apt, new adjective

      • Dan

        Garnett is averaging 13 fewer minutes than Young this season, the move frees up playing time for Payne (24) and Bennett (21). 2015 Garnett retires, freeing up $12m in cap space and more minutes for the Wolves’ young frontcourt players. Thad is only 26 but has 7 years on the tires, going along with a $10m salary next season and then unrestricted FA. Nice player, most likely peaked last season, not someone you overpay to keep. Well, McHale would have.

        • so you’re saying more playing time for Bennett is a plus?

          • Dan

            I’m saying (I thought explicitly) that it’s consistent with a commitment to youth. If he remembers how to shoot jumpshots it could be not-bad.

          • The Wolves are trying to sign him to a two-year extension, according to the AP.

          • Dan

            Garnett or Bennett?
            Edit: nevermind, found it, Krawczynski reporting Wolves interested in 2-year extension with Garnett. That’s either stupid or very stupid depending on the salary.

    • That’s a good list. By “complete forward,” I assume he’s hinting that Garnett’s defensive contributions could be compared favorably to Barkley or Malone or Dirk, but Duncan has to be #1 either way.

      • Joe

        Also I know Bob does not like advanced stats, but they point to Garnett being a top 2 or 3 PF of all time. So yeah, I guess you could quibble that he’s actually the second best while dumb Flip says he is the first best, but that seems like making a mountain out of a molehill.

        • // Also I know Bob does not like advanced stats

          You don’t know what you don’t know, apparently.