Plow driver takes frustration out on a car

You’ve got to feel a little bit for the city snowplow driver in Manchester, New Hampshire.

With six feet of snow falling in the last 30 days, you’d think people would have gotten the message that cars parked on the street hinder the ability to clear them.

A few days ago, a snowplow driver took it out on one car.

There’s just one thing: The snow emergency in Manchester hadn’t yet gone into effect.

The video was sent to the Manchester Union Leader newspaper, where a reporter showed it to the city’s public works boss.

“I looked at the video but I didn’t see anything that I felt needed follow-up on,” Kevin Sheppard said.

“I have no idea why this guy would do this to my car,” said Owen Martin, the car’s owner. “I don’t know any plow drivers, never even knew the name of one. Maybe he had enough plowing all these storms we’ve had. All I know is that it looks to me like it was intentional.”