Nation pauses for llamas on the lam

There are certain times in the news business that define us as a people.

At this hour — and I don’t know how long this feed will be up — the nation has stopped what it’s doing to watch llamas being chased in West Phoenix.

I’m not saying it’s good; I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m just saying it’s America.

Here’s another feed.

Update 2:26 p.m.– It’s over. The remaining llama has been lassoed.



Over to you, Twitter for the post-escape analysis:

The nation’s cubicle farms looked very much like the one at The Current today, we suspect. (h/t: Jay Gabler)


Related llama news: Scientists hitch hope for AIDS vaccine on llamas (USA Today).

Map: Llamas are literally everywhere (Washington Post).

  • Run, llamas! Run!

  • Jack Ungerleider

    My first thought when seeing this is that someone will compare it to the white Ford Bronco on the freeway. (Its like naming a scandal “something-gate”.) Its nice to see that Twitter confirmed this belief.

    • Clare’s Raccoon


  • joetron2030

    Best retweeted joke I saw:

    LLAMA #1: We leave tonight.

    LLAMA #2: Alpaca bag.

  • shleigh

    Since all this happened in Sun City, AZ (suburb of Phoenix), they should do polling similar to what they did after the Super Bowl for Glendale (suburb of Phoenix). It’d be interesting to see if some llamas provide more of boost…

    Personally, seeing all that green grass and trees made me dream of a quick weekend getaway to someplace warm.

  • Scottk

    Too many people have seen this and fear llamas.