‘KG Effect’ hits fans in the wallet

For most of the season, the Minnesota Timberwolves have hardly come close to providing a product that matches the money the team was charging for tickets, but the addition of Kevin Garnett has given them a good reason to charge more.

The team, like most in sports these days, charges prices for tickets that can change day to day — the more interest in a game, the more it’ll cost to get in.

The NBA team’s fans are buzzing again with last week’s announcement that the 38-year-old Garnett would play his first game for the team since being acquired from the Brooklyn Nets last week on Wednesday night.

What’s the “KG Effect” for fans?

Here are the pre-trade prices for the next couple of games:


And here are this morning’s prices:


The increases are impacting the lower priced tickets most.  Prices are up 63 percent for the most expensive seats on the sidelines the lower bowl at Target Center, 105 percent in the corners,  134 percent on the ends.

The worst seats in the house are up 114 percent.

  • Jack

    Screenshots are a bit confusing. What are the column headers above the “As Low As”? It would help this reader understand what is being compared.


    • left side is downstairs (Sideline/Corners/Baseline). Right side is upstairs (Sideline/Corners/Baseline)

      • Jack

        I do not go to basketball games, but I was able to figure out the screen shots after a couple glances. Some movie theaters offer seating options as you purchase the tickets. Do you think the price increases might also be due to the new practice space and covering construction costs or does it not work that way?

        • Jack

          you know, paying all those subcontractors for sticky nails and trash bags and such can rack-up quite a bill.

  • KTN

    Didn’t go to games before, probably won’t go now, so look how much money I’ve saved.

  • Jeffrey Swainhart

    I lost interest when they took it off broadcast TV.

  • And the Wild just keep winning.

    • I’ve enjoyed watching the Wild fans this year. Started off thinking the road is paved with gold, got out on the ledge when all was lost at midseason, now back on the bandwagon.

      You’d think by now they’d know the NHL is a long season.

      • I know quite a few folks who have done that this year, but I just kept pointing out to them that they were literally in the same spot as last year, with the same losing streak at about the same time, and they bounced back.

        Let’s hope they keep it up.

        Now the Gopher’s men’s team…

        • Joe

          You mean the winners of 5 of their past 6? With the one loss being in OT? First place in the Big Ten? That team?