How not to drive in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Transportation today released this video showing a pileup on I-35 south of Faribault on Tuesday.

It’s not pretty because it captures us at our driving worst.

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  • Veronica


  • Tim

    Scary. And worth sharing with people that get smug about how much better Minnesota supposedly is at dealing with winter weather (because we’re not).

    • Dave

      Minnesotans are smug?

      • Tim

        Well played, sir. 🙂

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    These cars were going so fast you have to wonder if any of the drivers were paying any attention at all. Or maybe they couldn’t see.

    • Anna

      I can remember my student clinical days driving to Rochester, Minnesota from La Crosse, Wisconsin twice a week on early winter mornings on I-90.

      After one particularly heavy snowfall, I had to get to clinical by 7 a.m. I was following a semi in the right lane at a reasonable distance (at least 6 car lengths and at 35 mph) with my flashers on. Another semi began to approach from behind and I realized because of the blowing snow and the snow cloud from the other semi the second semi could not see me.

      I realized I just might become a semi sandwich with Hyundai filling. I whispered a prayer and prepared for the worst. Thankfully, the second semi saw my flashers just in time and switched to the left lane.

      After that close call, I arranged to stay with a fellow classmate in Rochester on clinical days until winter was over.

  • KTN

    Oh man, that footage is the gift that just keeps giving.