America, a little presidential humor won’t kill you

Oh, America, if only you could just lighten up a little bit.

No sooner had Buzzfeed released a video of a self-deprecating President Obama in support of signing of for health care, that the usual suspects for complaining that it diminishes the office of the president.

Next week, we’re going to celebrate the birthday of a president who ordered the largest execution of Native Americans (in Mankato) in the history of the United States, but the presidency can’t survive Obama trying to jam a cookie into a glass of milk and exclaiming, “thanks, Obama!”

Comedy gold, right there.

  • Jack Boardman

    Indeed, “comedy gold.”

    • Jack

      Totally agree.

  • Mike

    It’s almost as if we have already forgotten the fake indignation when President Obama appeared on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifinakis. Apparently those crazy young people don’t read Politico or watch Meet the Press. When it comes to the manufactured outrage machine of the Right, pesky facts like that are irrelevant.

  • Jeff

    Sock it to me

  • John

    I hesitate to bring this up, but has anyone contacted KSTP to let them know about the gang sign in that first photo?

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Couple thoughts:

    – Funny.

    – This looks to be hosted on the BuzzFeed Facebook. Presumably there’s no problem with the president giving his likeness to a business or else they wouldn’t have allowed it, and it’s promoting the ACA, not BuzzFeed. But BuzzFeed is hosting it, so is it an advertisement? Sponsored content? Is BuzzFeed hosting it free? If that’s the case, what are we to make of BuzzFeed’s credibility? (Did I just write that? I’m going to be ill.)

    – It’s a fine line between “presidential” and “celebrity.” We want our presidents to be relatable, but do we want them to be pop stars? Certainly it’s better for the president as an individual because it helps increase emotional connections, but what about the Office of The President and the presidency? I don’t want it to turn into being the host of The Tonight Show. This is the person we choose to be in charge of a lot of important stuff, I want my presidents to act like it.

    – No right answers.

    • ben

      For me the presidential vs. celebrity issue was obliterated when Clinton came on stage on the Arsenio Hall Show playing the sax. I thought I was hallucinating, not that there would have been any good reason for that or anything…

      • BJ

        W flying on to the aircraft carrier, that was funny.

      • MrE85

        That was Governor Clinton on Arsenio, not President Clinton.

        • Governor, President, they are all the same, right Ben?

      • Jack

        Clinton was a bit too loose. Remember all that Lewinski business. (huh, my spell check accepted Lewinski as a word. interesting.)

    • Seems to me the “image” of most politicians is a manufactured one. In truth, we don’t know what any is really like so I suppose the question is how do we want to particularly delude ourselves?

      • kevinfromminneapolis

        In some ways true. Unless they adopt the mindset that they’ll be, oh, let me pull a word out of thin air, “unbound” in their second term. Then we get a glimpse behind the curtain.

        I’d prefer to delude myself more toward the image of a president as a president. If I were advising one (god help us all) I’d advise turning down about 99.9 percent of these opportunities.

        • Image is the right word, of course.

          I was halfway through the biography of Andrew Jackson a few years ago when I suddenly thought to myself, “Oh, my god, these presidents were despicable people.”

          • kevinfromminneapolis

            After I finish Lord of the Rings I really want to get into reading presidential biographies and no I don’t have a date tomorrow.

      • shleigh

        It really is all very manufactured. During Business School, then Gov Pawlenty was speaking about something business school related, but his meeting coincided with a strike of one of the U or state gov’t unions.
        Of course, during the Q & A session, one of the protesters in the room asked about his position regarding the strike & negotiations. A Republican professor (he later ran for state office) jumped in to say that was off topic, but Pawlenty brushed him off and responded briefly to the protester. Later in class, that professor told us that was the plan all along – make the professor the bad guy and Pawlenty the sympathetic and understanding one.
        Not sure how I feel about that – I guess it makes sense to have a plan for the inevitable, but I still remember it and feeling like we got played.

        • joetron2030

          The electorate is always getting played.

  • Dave

    This is another one of those cases in which my thought is: conservatives are never going to like him, no matter what he does, so who cares? Might as well yuck it up for the people who don’t take the world so seriously.

  • Brian Simon

    Am I the only one still indignant about the prior President’s comedy routine about searching for WMDs? I believe it was for the WH correspondents dinner. Don’t recall the right wing noise machine addressing that, other than saying the left overreacted.

    • Chris

      You are not the only one. If there were any justice in the world right wing outrage-aholics would need to watch that followed by video of coffins coming back to the U.S. from Iraq (which was of course not allowed to be filmed).

  • Nick K

    I don’t get the comparison to Lincoln. If the attempt was to show some kind of equivalency, I fail to see it. If it is was an attempt at humor, it was in poor taste.

    • You do seem to have a hard time with these things sometimes. It’s either the way I write or the way you read but whatever it is, we don’t connect very well.

      Hint: It was not an attempt at humor.

  • joetron2030

    The video was worth it for the “Thanks, Obama” crack after the milk and cookies failure.