With Amy Poehler’s help, Cambridge shakes off a blizzard

A couple of things here. First, tuition at Harvard is $58,607 a year.

Second — and really, more important — remember all that chatter about how East Coast cities don’t know what to do with the snow from blizzards?

They had two feet of snow yesterday in Cambridge.


  • Matt Black

    The Northeast has done a great job of owning this storm and not letting it really get them down. Based on what I saw in Minnesota during our last storm, we’ve lost our crown for dealing with winter weather.

    But, if we stop complaining, we really won’t have much left to talk about 6 months out of the year.

    • Jerry

      There are two types of Midwesterners: those who complain about the weather and those who complain about those who complain about the weather.