1,000 Words: Wild fan trolls Packer fans

There’s very little redeeming value in the Minnesota Wild these days. But the fans? That’s another story after Sunday’s Packer implosion against Seattle.

Seen at last night’s Wild-Blue Jackets game in St. Paul:

Ryan Rhody, 31, of St. Paul is a Vikings fan, oddly enough.

“I hate the Packers fans more than anything. So I will do anything to chirp them in any way possible,” Rhody tells the Star Tribune’s Michael Rand. “With the amount of texts and Facebook messages I got when they were (ahead on Sunday), this was my way to laugh right back at them.”

  • Moffitt

    That just seems mean. The Pack played a fine game. If they could have only held on to the onside kick in the 4th quarter…(sigh)

    • I found the lack of defensive effort on the two-point conversion to be a MUCH more serious flaw than the botched onside kick recovery.

      • Jack Ungerleider

        I only saw parts of the second half. I suspect two field goals at the 1 yard line (or whatever it was) in the first half was probably the difference.

        • Dave

          There were many differences. Dropped passes by Quarless and Starks killed us. You’re right though; the Packers have struggled in the red zone as of late. Still, 4 INTs. When’s the last time a team lost when forcing 4 INTs (plus a fumble)?

    • John O.

      Yep. Had Bostick recovered that onside kick that *everyone* knew was coming, GB would have probably needed to get one first down and then run out the clock. Alas, we will never know. And having John Fox coaching the Bears next season should make the ol’ “Black and Blue” division interesting again.

  • Dave

    Maybe he can hang that sign in the Vikings’ empty trophy case. It might help clear the cobwebs.

  • Gary F

    I’m so glad I gave up watching the NFL for the third year now. Liberating.

    But it’s always fun to give a Packers fan the needle once in a while.

    How many Vikings will it take to lift the Lombardi Trophy?

  • Gary F

    We many never know.

  • Jay T. Berken

    One of the best comebacks I’ve heard from Vikings fan was when going into the Packers v. Vikings game at the Bank. Fans where bantering about conference wins and championships and a Vikings fan yelled out, “We have a better economy”. Play to your strengths and not be jerk-offs.

    • Dave

      That guy assumed that all Packers fans are Wisconsin residents.

  • To Packer-Backers:

    What you don’t seem to understand is that Minnesota sports fans are REALLY used to epic collapses. We start each and every season as cautiously optimistic…we HOPE our team will do well, but we just know the other shoe will drop soon enough. It goes for pretty much every sport, pro and college.

    We are also very aware that most Packer fans are insufferable, especially when winning. The taunts just keep coming and when we, as Minnesota sports fans, get the chance to toss it back, we do just that.

    Just graciously accept the minor taunts of your team’s epic collapse this time…there will be more than enough times in the near future for you to be insufferable.

    • L. Foonimin

      perhaps you are unfamiliar with the Gopher Women’s hockey team stats …

      • I am very familiar with that team as well as a the Lynx. I was making an overall generalization and they, in fact, are the outliers to the norm.

        Minnesota sports – All the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    The Vikings-Packers rivalry is really the only thing separating us from being Cubs fans at everything.

  • Jeff

    Schadenfreude I think is the word – 1,000 not required.

  • Knute

    What is sad is that it seems Vikings “fans” hate the Packers (and Packers fans) more than they love the Vikings. That speaks volumes.