Video illustrates the problem with youth sports: Parents

If you’ve ever been to a youth athletic league game, you know the type. Perhaps, you are the type.

It happened last weekend at a girls’ hockey game in York, Pennsylvania.

The York Daily Record notes the obvious — parents can be the stain on youth sports.

Ron Miller, who recently stepped down after nine years as West York’s varsity football coach, talked about a troublesome cycle in youth sports, beginning with the demands of AAU and other travel programs. Parents have become invested like never before because of fundraising and travel requirements and, too often, believe it all will help their son and daughter earn a college scholarship.

“I don’t remember it ever being like it is today. It’s become so ultra-competitive that it’s sad,” Miller said. “I don’t know what ever happened to kids being kids. … The pressure (on them) is just unbelievable.

“My mom and dad just came to watch the game and cheer for me. Now, so many parents have just enough knowledge that they think they know more than the coaches.”

In the York Ice Arena incident, the man, who is from Florida, will be required to pay $245 to replace the glass and is banned from the arena, Menzer said. York City Police were not called to the arena, he said.

(via Deadspin)