Twin Cities lands major aviation fly-in

Minnesota today was named as one of five areas of the country that will host “fly-ins” by the largest organization of general aviation pilots.

Anoka County–Blaine Airport will host one of the fly-ins on Aug. 22, the Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association announced. Other fly-ins will be held near Washington, central California, Colorado, and Tennessee. A fly-in is a one-day “convention” of aviation enthusiasts

In 2014, AOPA president Mark Baker, a Minnesota native, eliminated the one-national-fly-in tradition of the group and scheduled seven regional fly-ins, attracting about 3,000 airplanes.

Airports vying to host the events were required to provide parking for 500 aircraft, hangar space for exhibits, and financial assistance with the organization (See request for proposal form).

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  • Robert Moffitt

    This is good economic news for Blaine and surrounding communities, which should see a bump in hotel reservations and dining, I would imagine. There is a least one motel within view of the airport fence.

  • This is in addition to the Blaine airshow in July, correct?

    I wonder if the big bombers will be back as well?

    • Robert Moffitt

      The airshow you mention is called “Aviation Days.” We went to last year’s event. They serve a nice breakfast and lunch, and also have a hanger dance, I believe.

      • Discover Aviation Days is May 30-31st this year.

        One of the problems with these sorts of things is that the airport — like all of the reliever airports — lies under the MSP Class B airspace.

        Static displays are nice, but the best way to show off aviation, is seeing things fly. There’s not enough airspace over KANE to show planes doing what planes do.

        • jon

          Well I’ll get to see it from my backyard…

          Seems like a good day to lie in a hammock and watch the plane on their approach (unless the wind is the wrong direction and they are using the other runway…)

          almost as good as when the registration for back to the 50’s was across down the street from where I worked… All day long sitting at the window answering the phone and watching classic cars drive past.

  • Sam Weigel

    Bob– I think ANE is a fine choice, they’ve been putting on Aviation Days at least since I was a kid (I flew a C150 in for the airshow very shortly after getting my PPL when I was 17). Lots of underutilized ramp space, grass, etc. The Class B doesn’t begin till 4000′ in that area and the 3000′ shelf is 5 miles south or so, no real limit on aerial displays. That said, I don’t think the AOPA flyins include an airshow component, too many hassles involved getting FAA waivers, insurance, coordinating traffic etc – and the main point is for pilots/aopa members to fly in and attend the various workshops, symposiums, rah rah speeches, etc. Only problem with ANE airspace is lying under the Mode C veil so the unequipped won’t be able to fly in (except for those of us with no electrical system…the Cub will be able to make it :-)). Might be a good place to highlight what the ridiculous ADS-B mandate is going to do to traffic at ANE, MIC, FCM, etc….