Timberwolves deliver sweet shot to Kevin Love’s return

You’ve got to give the Minnesota Timberwolves marketing team credit. In the face of a nearly unwatchable product, they’re still plugging away trying to create something resembling excitement.

Today, the team released this hype video for Saturday’s showdown with former Wolves star Kevin Love, who now plays on a team that’s won 8 in a row and is going to the playoffs.

You’ll note the joke if you’re a Wolves fan (insert obvious joke here).

It doesn’t mention Kevin Love.

By the way, the Timberwolves will make big money on the game. The cheapest ticket price at Target Center is about $7 for Timberwolves games. Those will run $50 on Saturday.

  • I have tremendous respect for the Timberwolves’ marketing and digital media teams. I’ve had the privilege of knowing a few of them personally and I can tell you the pay isn’t good and the job security stinks (Glen likes to run a tight ship during the lean years). And yet, they still produce content that rivals that of any NBA team. Kudos to them.

  • That’s awesome.

  • Jeff

    I beg to differ with “nearly unwatchable” – maybe frustrating at times but they have a lot of really good young talent and it’s been interesting to watch how they’ve progressed. (Sure it would be nice to win too.) Zach LaVine was awesome last night. I’d rather suffer with Wiggins et al than Love.

    • Yes. My mistake. It should have read, “Completely unwatchable if you enjoy watching teams play defense.”

      We regret the error.

      All in all, yes, I’d rather watch Wiggins than Love, too. But not at the 20% increase in ticket prices.

      (edit to add) Might be a good time to give Wiggins a max deal.

      • Jeff

        Lol, point well taken. Stubhub is your friend.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Looks like the filmed it right before tip-off, too.

    I still hope the reaction to Love being announced is complete indifference. Nothing would grate on him more.

    • kevinfromminneapolis

      I heard one of the sports talkers yesterday talk about the newspaper treatment. What an awesome sponsorship opportunity for one of the papers. Give every fan a newspaper to read during opposing player lineups.

    • Brian G

      I wish we could somehow convince the entire crowd to observe an extended moment of stony Minnesotan silence after his introduction.