The education of U.S. senators: Nothing but the best

The people at College Raptor have finally found something that Republicans and Democrats in the United States Senate have in common: Their educations. For the most part, nothing but the best, and disproportionately from the Ivy League.

It goes without saying, perhaps, that the state with the two senators who went to the “best” schools, the Washington Post points out, is Minnesota.


  • Matt

    Anyone else not surprised by this at all? Same thought as “why are there so many attorneys in elected positions?”

  • tboom

    Of two minds on this one.

    I tend to think of graduates of prestigious schools as being well educated and well connected. I want politicians running MY country to be well educated. Unfortunately well connected too often means well connected to economic interests I perceive as counter to the long term well-being of the county.

    So I guess my version of anti-intellectualism would favor politicians who graduate with a 4.0 from a public university known as a “party school”. That should work out well.