Super Bowl, beer, and lost dogs

We’ve reached the part of the Super Bowl season when companies release their ads, garnering more attention than a TV ad probably should.

And we’re pretty OK with that.

“‘Puppy Love’ (last year’s original) was a richer, more engaging story—that spot’s subtle parallels between the puppy/Clydesdale and the horse trainer/puppy adoption owner built a real connection over 60 seconds,” Ad Freak says. “This spot leans more on simple cuteness. It’s a decent sequel—but perhaps not a world-beating one.”

You decide.

Which brings us to today’s actual lost-dog story. Burt the dog has been missing for five months in New York. But this week’s blizzard reunited Burt with his human, the New York Times reports. (link fixed)

  • Gary F
  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I’m skipping the ads this year. The vast majority of them aren’t funny, compelling or memorable and haven’t been for years. Plus they’ll all be on the Internet if I change my mind.

    • kevinfromminneapolis

      After taking the minute to watch this ad, I deem it not very good. And not just because I don’t like dogs. The music is awful and done so slowly that the conflict with the actual song is too jarring. The dog being able to open a door of an animal trailer from the inside is preposterous; maybe it opened by accident. Then the guy is sloppy and why should I feel good about that? Is the scene with the wolf supposed to be a joke? An homage to Little Red Riding hood? The shot of the dog running in front of the horses looks fake.


  • Carol S.

    That puppy commercial last year made me cry. Damn you, Budweiser! Plus, I was introduced to a new band through it. Although I will say the puppy in this year’s ad taking shelter from the rain nearly got me…