Fruitcake challenge fails to deliver

Evonne Morken, 83, of Spring Grove had her fill of people slamming fruitcakes when she wrote a letter to the Winona Daily News suggesting that the fruitcake IQ of this region isn’t cutting it.

But she didn’t stop there. She said if people get fruitcake for the holidays and don’t want it, she’ll take it.

She hasn’t gotten a single one, according to the Rochester Post Bulletin.

None of her children make fruitcakes, and her husband, Glenn Morken, also eschews fruitcakes.

Evonne Morken’s last taste of fruitcake came after she bought one at Quillin’s grocery store in Caledonia a few years ago. “It lasted me a whole year,” she said.

After that, it’s been a fruitcake famine.

But Morken is hoping that someone out there has an extra fruitcake she might have.

She can’t make her own fruitcake anymore; arthritis has taken its toll.

Do that thing you do, Internet.

  • Kassie

    Unless someone has a fruitcake lying around, I doubt anyone will be able to just send her one. It is impossible to just whip up a fruitcake to send because good fruitcake takes more than a week to make. The fruitcake we had this year I basted with alcohol for weeks before it was ready.

    • BJ

      >The fruitcake we had this year I basted with alcohol for weeks before it was ready.

      What, why hasn’t this fact, that is uses alcohol, been published before? Do the hipsters know?

  • Carol S.

    I LOVE fruitcake! All kinds. The stuff you buy at the grocery store with the neon colored cherries as well as the dried fruit, alcohol-infused versions that take weeks to make. Maybe I’ll dig out my favorite recipe and make some soon.

    Someone should tell Evonne about the monks in the UP of Michigan that make fabulous fruitcakes AND do mail order. It’s the Society of St. John; their business is called The Jampot.