Four charts that show the health care law is working

The Affordable Care Act appears to be doing what it was supposed to do, a new report says.

The Commonwealth Fund’s health care annual report says fewer Americans are reporting being burdened by the cost of accessing health care.


The number of people who didn’t seek health care because of the cost is also down.



But the rates of people who don’t seek health care is still high, the report said.

In the survey, 33 percent of adults who had been insured all year with incomes under 200 percent of poverty ($47,100 for a family of four) and 25 percent with incomes above that level said they did not get needed care because of costs in the past 12 months.

And it blamed high deductibles and more cost-sharing/shfiting between employer and employee.

Not surprisingly, the rates of uninsured fell most in states that expanded Medicaid programs. Most of the states that didn’t are opposed to Obamacare.


Here’s the full report (pdf).