Eiffel Tower goes dark

Turning out some lights has never been so poignant.

  • John

    I’m trying to remember what the days were like following the 9/11 attacks.

    While I acknowledge the scale of the Charlie Hebdo attack is much smaller, it seems like more of a direct strike against the ideals of France than 9/11 was (or maybe that’s just because the idea of a newspaper is clear to everyone, while what a World Trade Center does is not). Was there a similar sort of “screw those guys who did this. You better believe we’re coming back and doing what we’ve always done” attitude, like the one I’m seeing in the news reports the last couple days?

    If not, do you think it was because the 9/11 attack was not as clearly directed at a specific ideal, or is this more of a fundamental difference in attitude between the French and American ways of thinking (or some third option)?