Breaking: Man gets leg room, bin space on airline

Which would you rather happen: Win the lottery or be the only person on your Delta Airlines flight?

It happened yesterday to Chris O’Leary, who was scheduled on a morning flight from Cleveland to New York yesterday. When it was canceled, all the other passengers were rebooked on a 9:30 flight. Except for him.

He could’ve gotten on the rebooked flight, but he missed the pages at the airport.

As the plane was pushed back to taxi, it was pulled back to the jetway for a second passenger, but that was it for the flight.

Why would the airline bother flying a near-empty airplane? The airplane had to be in New York for its next flight.

  • Gary F

    Sometimes they don’t give you the whole can of pop. I wonder if he got the whole can this flight?

    • You have to ask for the whole can…

  • Robert Moffitt

    He won the lottery. Like when I flew back to the USA to leave the Army. Me and another guy got seated in the upper deck, with some pretty flight attendants and an open bar. Best. Flight. Ever.

  • Jack Ungerleider

    I was booked on a “puddle jumper” flight between Milwaukee and Minneapolis back in mid 90’s. It was United Express and the plane was a a 19 seat Beechcraft turbo prop if I remember correctly. (This looks like the right plane: I was the only person on the flight. They flew the plane so it could turn around and bring people from MSP to Milwaukee.

    When I got on the co-pilot welcomed me aboard and said I could sit in any seat as long as it was behind what I assume was a fuel line hump in the middle of the cabin. This was to make sure that the weight was balanced. (At least that’s what he told me.)

  • KTN

    Coming back from Germany last spring, we all had our own rows – the plane was not even half full. Coupled with free wine, it was a winning combination.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I had a whole row to myself recently on two 737 flights and honestly it wasn’t that much different than a regular flight. The seat is still not comfortable. You have room to spread your legs and it’s easier to get up but other than that there may as well have been two people next to me.

  • I had a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime experience happen to me flying from MSP to Tokyo in the early 1990s. Mechanical problems delayed our departure from MSP, so much so that the flight would be unable to depart Seattle in time to beat the nighttime curfew at Narita. So, NWA tried to get as many people from our 747 off on other flights. But, NWA still needed the plane to be in Tokyo the next day.

    So … the 62 of us they couldn’t rebook got a free hotel room that night and we each had a row of the middle seats to ourselves to use as beds for the 8-hour flight the next morning. (The plane was needed in Tokyo, one way or another.) Bonus: the plane was fully-stocked for 400 passengers, so we could eat as much as we wanted. Oh! And, it was New Year’s Eve which meant they had stocked on-board enough champagne for 400 people, too.

    Bonus II: Because the onward NWA flight from Tokyo to Singapore (my destination) was canceled, because of the delayed Seattle departure, another Minnesotan and I were rebooked while in-flight onto a connecting Singapore Airlines flight leaving Narita. We came out one jetway, walked ten feet into SIA’s jetway fifteen minutes before the SIA departure. (I learned even coach passengers on SIA, then, ate off real chinaware, used real silverware, and were served real sliced turkey with all the fixings for New Year’s Day.)

    Best. Flight. Ever.

  • John K

    I was once the only passenger on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Strasbourg, France. They lost my luggage.

  • Jack

    Flew on Sun Country today in regular coach class. More leg room then Delta’s Economy Comfort which I usually upgrade to.

    Definitely using Sun Country again when I can.