20,000 holes, 10,000 people, one fish

An estimated 10,000 anglers headed for Gull Lake for the annual Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza on Saturday. They had no problem finding a place to pull up a bucket; organizers had drilled 20,000 holes.

Steven Baumgartner of Owatonna, who landed a 6.73 pound northern pike, won the competition — and a truck. He told the Brainerd Dispatch he just happened to try a new hole just before the competition ended on Saturday.

He’s been attending the annual event for the last 10 years and, until Saturday, had never caught a fish.

  • Gary F
  • John

    I wonder how one gets on the hole drilling crew for that tournament. That’s a lotta holes.

    • BJ

      I’m sure they are looking for volunteers!!

      • Jack

        that’s funny

    • rs

      Contact the brainerd jc’s in mid December

  • Kassie

    I’m a life long Minnesotan and totally understand ice is safe, but under normal conditions I’m still a little freaked out when I walk on it. With all those holes, there is no way you’d get me out there. My heart is racing just watching the video.