To the neighbors who care

A guy in Cottage Grove can’t receive the applause he fully deserves because he doesn’t want his last name used, but he’s a neighbor looking out for other neighbors.

KMSP reports that “John” caught a guy stealing packages off the door step of a neighbor.

The would-be crook pretended to be delivering a package to a doorstep, but took the one that was actually there.

He took a picture, called the cops and the thief was caught at a nearby gas station.

  • Robert Moffitt

    Last year I found an opened UPS package with some cookware inside in our parking lot at work. I figured some thief took it off a doorstop and ditched it when he found out what was inside. I was able to track down the original owner 5 blocks away and returned it.

  • davehoug

    Sad to say, some drug runners sent illicit goods to a nearby address, then wait and pick it up…..non-traceable way to move drugs with low risk 🙁