Students: Save your video game talk for after hours

In Massachusetts today a school was locked down after students reported another student was talking about weapons and shooting.

The police were called and the student’s locker searched.

No weapons were found

The conversation the students overheard was about a video game.

The local newspaper claims the student was arrested.

  • Jerry

    The kid was arrested for talking about video games? Doesn’t that seem a bit excessive? Detention seems a bit more appropriate.

    Also, having read the article, it’s nice that schools seem to be teaching their students to be afraid of getting shot by their classmates. Seems real healthy.

  • davehoug

    Smells like missing info. Betcha the arrest happened after the student in question acted beligerent in some way. But zero-tolerance of talking about “I wanna get a really big machine-gun this afternoon” leads to strange results. I can NOT see where explanation of a video game and mowing down hordes of aliens = arrest.