Signing Santa

Your daily dose of sweetness today comes from the NewsCut ancestral homeland.

In Westminster, Mass., a six-year-old girl who is hearing impaired was stunned to find out that Santa Claus knows how to sign.

“It was amazing to see the smile on her face and her eyes wide open with joy that Santa knew sign language. I am going to try to learn more for next year,” Santa, who is the town’s police chief, said.

  • Robert Moffitt
  • Thomas Mercier

    During an earlier stage in my life, I had the joy of working in Ikea’s Smaland. Most of us knew at least a couple of the basic signs (toilet, water, thank you, no running, etc.) and a few of the other employees were at least semi-fluent in ASL. It really made a child/parent’s day when the found out that we (low wage care providers) were able to communicate related to their needs without extra effort.
    Other than the occasional chore of cleaning out the ball pit after a child had an accident that was a really joyful job. I have many fond memories of helping out parents and children to have a more pleasant day.

    • davehoug

      Both, being able to help via sign language AND cleaning the ball pit are both very much appreciated. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  • davehoug

    That was my teary moment in Miracle on 34th street, when Santa knew the language of the little kids.

    • Robert Moffitt

      Even more teary if you knew, as audiences did in 1947, how the little girl likely became an orphan in Rotterdam. #RotterdamBlitz