Return of the telephone call?

Thanks, Sony. Now we’ve got to talk to each other again.

Or so the New York Times and some security experts are suggesting today in the wake of the hackers’ takedown of the corporation by leaking emails from Hollywood execs.

She’s a writer for HBO’s “Girls”.

So what are we supposed to do: never utter a negative word about anyone ever again? That’s about as unrealistic as high school students not standing by their locker gossiping (or doing so via text message).

“The most devastating part of this entire story is even if Sony Pictures employees did everything right themselves, using the best passwords and the best encryption, they are still at the mercy of their I.T. managers,” said Kevin Roose, an editor at Fusion who has spent weeks going through all the email in the Sony hack. “Every computer is a Pandora’s box of sensitive and incriminating data, and most of that data isn’t even ours.”

Mr. Roose suggested we could learn from teenagers, who are flocking to privacy-minded services like Snapchat, where text and images can disappear after being read. “While it’s not perfect, it’s a lot better than email or text messages,” he said.

Poll: Are you more likely to use the telephone now?