Restaurant customers buy server a new car

Cindi Grady’s 2002 Hyundai was in bad shape, what with the shattered passenger side window, the driver’s side window that wouldn’t go up, the damaged hood that was fastened down with somebody’s belt, and the bent frame that made it drive like a crab.

Ain’t she a looker?

Photo: Chelsea Todd via Facebook.

Clearly she needed a new car but she doesn’t make a lot at the Cracker Barrel she works at in Missouri.

So a couple of her regular customers stepped in. They bought her a car.

She thought she was about to be fired when her manager told her to put down her tray and go outside.

“My insurance agent waived their fees. My mechanic put in a third brake light for free,” Grady wrote on Facebook.

  • Junebug

    Maybe if Cracker Barrel paid a living wage she would have been been able to afford reliable transportation. Nice customers though!

  • Seg

    I heard this on The Current this afternoon & loved it! Made me want to do the same someday.

  • davehoug

    Reliable transportation is HUGE. Many thanks from the rest of us to those who helped her out.