Obama delivers ‘The Word’

President Obama took over Stephen Colbert’s job last night.

Colbert named Obama “permanent guest host of the Colbert Report,” which ends on December 18.

  • Funny stuff…

  • Jane

    Take THAT, Nation.

  • Gary F

    He must not have had a fundraiser last night. And Jay Z and Beyonze were at the Cavaliers game, so he had not where to go. He must have gotten our government all prepared for the possible terrorism that might hit us today. And it was too cold to golf.

    • Tyler

      Your petty comments are why I voted straight ticket Democrat in the last election. Perhaps someday we can get back to discussing real issues at the national level, rather than hyperventilating over what the black man did last week.

      • Gary F

        you mean like why Sen Feinstein is releasing the memo today? Even after John Kerry asked her not to?

        Or the Jonathon Gruber hearings today?

        Or why no one with past military experience wants to fill Chuck Hagel’s position?

        • Not that the Secy of Defense job has been offered to me, but I can’t imagine how anyone would take a job that is going to end in two years.

          But then again, I work for a living.

          • Jane

            How is the shoulder?

        • David P.

          Does the lack of military experience disqualify one from serving as Secretary of Defense? No? Then why make it an issue?

          Yes? In my lifetime, six of 21 (29 percent) had no military service. Four of these six men without military service were appointed by Republican presidents: Charles Wilson (Eisenhower), Neil McElroy (Eisenhower), James Schlesinger (Nixon), and Dick Cheney (George H.W. Bush). Harold Brown (Carter) and William Cohen (Clinton) also never served.

          (Brown had been a consultant to the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board from 1956-1957, a member of the Board from 1958 to 1961, and Secretary of the Air Force from 1965 to 1969 before serving as Secretary of Defense).

    • KTN

      Did you watch it – no of course you didn’t. I’m guessing your knee jerked so hard that the channel changed. The Pres is a pretty funny guy; smart people usually are, and his bit last night was funny. Not pee your pants funny, but nonetheless. Man, not every thing has to be so serious does it.

    • David P.

      Presidents Bush, Clinton, Reagan & Nixon all appeared on entertainment TV while in office. The country survived. Presidents have been known to take a vacation, play golf, catch a show, watch a ball game and even have some family time. Apparently you hold President Obama in such high esteem, your standard for him is higher than any other president (no terrorist attacks today!). Or, if the history of your posts are an indicator, you are so biased against President Obama that your thoughts on political matters are irrelevant. Seriously Gary F, give it a thought or give it a break. Nobody is listening to your cranky droning anymore.