No snow emergency mercy for Vikings fans

Is there a more wretched, depressing locale than the Minneapolis impound lot?

Minnesota Vikings fans found out the hard way yesterday that it’s worth paying attention to the snow emergency rules in the city following the paralyzing 3- to 4-inch snowstorm on Saturday.

After yesterday’s game, they found their cars had been towed, the Star Tribune says.

On Sunday, there was no way of knowing how many vehicles were towed near TCF Stadium, but there was little doubt that fan noncompliance had become an issue, said Mike Kennedy, director of transportation maintenance and repair for Minneapolis Public Works.

“We do understand that there are going to be people who are not aware of the rules,” he said. “But we cannot tell the difference when we’re out plowing the streets.”

Plow operators across Minneapolis encountered some frustration during the day Sunday, the second phase of a three-phase plowing operation that concludes Monday at 8 p.m. Some streets remained full of cars, while others were cleared of them, Kennedy said.

“It’s not unexpected for a holiday weekend like this — especially for a Sunday,” he added. “We’ll expect to see better compliance Monday as people go back to work.”

One Vikings fan said he didn’t think there was enough snow for a snow emergency.


About 800 cars have been towed in Saint Paul, the Pioneer Press says.

Oh, it’s day three of the emergency in Minneapolis today. No parking on the odd sign of non-snow-emergency-route streets between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.