Miss Mitchell’s Pearl Harbor Day tribute

Over the years, I’ve found, I’d get a lot more work done if I didn’t drop what I was doing at Fleming Field in South St. Paul and run outside to watch Miss Mitchell taxi by and take off (extensive profile of her here) every time I heard radial engines in the neighborhood.

The B-25 is an aviation icon in these parts and yesterday it flew precious cargo over TCF Bank Stadium before the Vikings game.

More aviation: Woodbury air tour (video)

  • davehoug


  • And you can go see Miss Mitchell as well as other WW2 aircraft at the CAF hangar in South Saint Paul.

    It’s open to the public at certain hours during the week.


    Heck, you can even take a ride in Miss Mitchell if you so desire.

  • Al

    We thought we heard the Blitz all the way out in Oakdale yesterday. Must’ve been this–is it possible to hear the SSP airfield from there?

    • No, but the B-25 might’ve flown over Oakdale on the way back to Fleming.

  • MrE85

    The warbirds of Jane’s Field were out, too. Flew over Stately Moffitt Manor.

  • Jack

    Geranimo and “We all bailed out before it was too late” brings back memories of Basic Training at Lackland, and Airman Garasimenko who ‘thought-she-could’ go clubbing as she felt the need because Daddy was a Full Bird. Thanks Bob.

    • MrE85

      I would ask how that attitude worked out for Airman Garasimeko, but I think I already know. I’m sure I know how my Dad (Air Force E-6, Korea) would have reacted.

      • Jack

        Garasimenko came from money which also opens the door to opportunity in the military as well as the civilian sector. The image on the side of the airplane is fitting.