Love in Rice Park

How do you know it’s true love?

When your proposal isn’t on a scoreboard, doesn’t involve a marching band, anyone’s friends, YouTube, TV stations, newspaper reporters and bloggers.

When it’s just you and the person you love. Oh, and the person who captured the proposal by accident while taking a picture of Saint Paul’s Rice Park Christmas lights.

Mazel tov, you kids!

Predictably, the media is searching for the couple. If you know them, keep it to yourself and let the moment be theirs alone — just the way they wanted it.

Update 5:22 p.m. The Star Tribune reports the person who took the picture has been in touch with the couple, and they wish to remain private. Because, we suspect, they’re in love and the moment was about each other and each other only.

Update 9 a.m. 12/20The couple has been identified.

  • Jim G

    December is the most appropriate and beautiful month for a marriage proposal. I hope she said …yes.

    • I hope we don’t find out he had just fallen on the ice.

      • Jim G

        I’m hoping for a Hallmark Movie Channel ending.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    If you propose in the middle of a downtown* you don’t want the moment to be your own. And what is the photographer looking at if she missed two people in the center of her shot?? It’s not like they appeared out of nowhere.

    *even if it’s St. Paul

    • I think you properly contradicted your own assertion.

    • Noelle

      I’m actually amazed there aren’t *more* people lurking around in the picture.

  • Renae

    Yeah I’m gonna say the couple would be delighted if they knew someone had captured this in photo. Also, why the balloons?

    • Right. Then people should tell that couple and they can get the picture. They shouldn’t tell the media. If the couple wants to, fine.

  • KTN

    What a nice way to end the week with this shot.

  • tboom

    Rice Park in December – THAT’S where I should have done it! I believe the park was dude’ed-up all those years ago too! (I proposed in December in a place not called Rice Park).

    Best wishes for a great life together.

  • Jack

    I think he is begging for mercy. “I didn’t mean to park along side that of that huge puddle! Not another night on the couch!”

  • I guess that beats MY proposal via a drunk text message.

    /She called my bluff and said “yes.”