Judge to decide outcome of high school football game

High school sports can be a great teacher. In Oklahoma the lesson for the kids is “become a lawyer; there’s plenty of work.”

Today, a judge in Oklahoma City will settle Locust Grove School District’s 20-19 quarter-final victory over Oklahoma City’s Frederick Douglass High School.

A referee threw a flag for a sideline violation on Douglass when it scored a touchdown on a fourth down play that would have given them the lead, Reuters reports.

The touchdown was nullified, sending the Oklahoma City Public School District to court to have a judge rule on whether the game should be replayed.

A temporary restraining order has been issued, prohibiting Locust Grove from playing a semifinal playoff game until the issue is resolved.

Even if Douglass wins its case, it might not be allowed to play in the postseason. After the game, a fan punched the referee and the high school sports association sanctioned the team.

  • FWIW:

    “National Federation regulations call for a dead-ball foul and 5-yard penalty to be applied on the extra point or kickoff. But the officials penalized the Trojans from the previous spot and erased the play.”


    Yeah, it was a bad call…

  • davehoug

    SOOOOOO even if a bad call by the ref, which all agree was a mistake, how does the court get any say??? Doesn’t the head of the refs at the game get the last say??

    • jon

      I would think that would be in the rules for the game that the ref’s would be the decider what calls were made…

      But this is america where our right to sue is enshrined in the constitution.

  • jaime

    Don’t “bad calls” happen throughout the game? Humans make errors, but do the best they can when having to make instant decisions. Yes, the refs messed up. It was a HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL GAME. Loosing (or winning) is really not that big of a deal in the big scheme of things. Not even close. And based upon recent events, I think our justice system has some bigger issues to tackle (pun intended) than if 16-18 year olds should play a game over.

  • KTN

    Today, the judge decided not to rule on this case. He wrote judicial involvement would “inevitably usher in a new era of robed referees and meritless litigation.”
    The whole decision can be found here.

    • davehoug