Joyce Lamont dead at 98

Photo: Pavek Museum of Broadcasting.

Though it’s heresy for me to say, radio will probably never tie a community together the way it once did, which is why there probably won’t be any more “members of the family” like Joyce Lamont and broadcasters of her day.

Lamont, who hosted “Dayton’s Musical Chimes” and other programs on WCCO and KLBB over 50 years, died yesterday, the Star Tribune reports. She was 98.

She’s a charter member of the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

When she was teamed up with Bob De Haven at WCCO, they had a 69 percent share of radio listeners. She told KARE 11 years later that it disappointed her. “I thought everyone listened to us,” she said.

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  • Gary F

    69% market share. Yikes. Did the radio talent at ‘CCO make better than union scale back then? My parents could have thrown away the knob on the radio back then.

  • Ralphy

    I have a Polaroid (remember those?) of Joyce and her room-warming smile in my office. It is a reminder of a “team-building” day that magically included Joyce.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    Just curious, was Dayton’s Musical Chimes what we would today refer to as sponsored content?

  • lpreston214

    Thanks for your info and advice over the years, Joyce. Remember you never, EVER store tomatoes in the refrigerator.