In the footsteps of Lawn Chair Larry

In the category of “Some Things Never Get Old,” we nominate “people who tie balloons to a chair (or house) and go for a ride.”

The same guy — Erik Roner –made the news last year when he tried to recreate Mary Poppins’ preferred mode of transportation: Floating from the sky with her umbrella.

Most people will compare this to the movie, “Up.” But Lawn Chair Larry must never be forgotten. He tied helium balloons to his lawn chair in 1982 and went for a ride.

Lawn Chair Larry was ahead of his time. Rather than get a commercial deal with an energy drink, or be celebrated — as he would in the days of YouTube and GoPro — he was ridiculed and ended up taking his own life.

Timing is everything.

  • John

    Thank you for keeping Lawn Chair Larry’s legacy alive. I remember hearing about him in grade school, with the sort of mocking ridicule that you mention.

    I have a soft spot for those who break new ground and are ridiculed for it. May they forever continue to blaze their own trails, without endorsements or ridicule.