Embracing Winter: Ice skiing in Brainerd

We’re not sure what the most impressive element of this video — discovered thanks to a KARE 11 tweet — is: the shorts in December, the shirtless lads, the water skiis on ice, the tricks they do, the fact they’re wearing life jackets, or that they didn’t fall through the ice on a lake in Brainerd. We just know it’s pretty spectacular.

KSTP says the video was taken by Christopher Dens on Sunday.

Winter in Minnesota. You can bear it. Or you can beat it.

  • I’m still wondering how the towing vehicle didn’t go through the ice.

    • John

      My folks live north of Duluth, and they said in a lot of places the ice was 8-10″ already at Thanksgiving. I can’t believe it’s that different around Brainerd.

      The surface thawing that happened last weekend wouldn’t have affected it enough that a four wheeler or snowmobile would likely break through. (I wouldn’t drive on it, but I’m super paranoid about falling through the ice).

  • Michael

    Hey guys! I was the one on the left. This was a blast! The ice was at least 8″. It was plenty thick for four wheelers.

    • Kelsey Haff

      liar. they are my brothers… sorry pal