Hospice care for Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill, the basketball player who won hearts in the face of a pending death because of cancer, has entered hospice care, ESPN reports.

Her family said on her Facebook page there haven’t been major changes in her condition…

Monday we signed on with Hospice. Originally this was planned to be done at the end of October or Early November but got side barred due to the big game. We are excited to have additional resources coming to our home. We have already been able to get supplies to help make things easier here at home. We have had another step down from steroids. She went from 5 mg in am and 5 mg in afternoon to 4 mg / 3 mg and now we are currently on 3 mg/3 mg. There has been no major changes in symptoms. Her headaches have flared up a little more than usual and balance issues just depend on the day and how tired she is. The two big issues is sleeping and constipation. Her stretch marks caused by steroids are becoming worse and we have to slather aquaphor on them to keep them from splitting open. (Attached picture of the inside of her thigh.) Overall she has been in good spirits this week and staying busy with special projects. In a funny, goofy mood tonight. I will give you a picture of that too.

But she’s still showing up for basketball games. Last night her team lost. She was unable to play, however.

Photo: Lauren’s Fight for the Cure via Facebook