Dayton to tackle U of M tailgating woes

We kept looking for clues in the Pioneer Press story that Gov. Mark Dayton was pulling a joke on reporter David Montgomery about one of his goals for the coming legislative session.

“They talk about the concern about attendance at the (University of Minnesota) Gopher games — they start them at 11 o’clock in the morning,” Dayton said. “I’m going to propose that we pass a law that no (Division I FBS) football game in Minnesota can start before noon.”

Go on..

“If you want to tailgate, you have to be there by 9 a.m.,” Dayton said. “Most students I don’t think are awake at 9 a.m.”

Perhaps they got their “tailgating” on the night before.

“(When) I grew up and went to Gopher games, they started at 1 or 1:30 … and you knew that for the whole season, so you blocked out those days,” Dayton said. “Now, it’s about, ‘What time does TV want to put us on?’ It’s all driven by television and the dollars involved there.”

Because college football is a business? (See today’s New York Times story).

“I’ve wanted to do this for 10 years,” he said. “I got talked out of it every year I was a (U.S.) senator, then I got talked out of it when I was having to face re-election eventually.”

You were going to make this a federal law?

The University of Minnesota declined comment.

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  • BJ

    >Most students are younger than the drinking age. Maybe they shouldn’t tailgate. Besides, if they’re sleeping, it might be because they got their “tailgating” on the night before.

    While a lot of people drink booze at tailgates, lots of others eat food and play games – and some do all three.

  • Jeff C.

    This HAS to be a joke, right? Right? Please?!?

  • John O.

    Sure, force the U of M to restrictions that could affect potential TV revenues coming in. Maybe Jerry Kill can hold a few bake sales in Coffman Union to make up the difference.

    Also, don’t forget that the vast majority of today’s college students have to work at least one job to get by. Don’t we have more significant issues to address?

  • Gary F

    Why does Mark Dayton want to reduce the U of MN football program’s ability to be competitive?

    Too much government Marx Dayton.

    • Jack

      Misuse of the term Marxism. Marx wanted the people to know that “religion” did not determine the outcome of their plight in life.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    “He called proposals for ending teacher tenure “the usual garbage.””

    More time to tailgate at Gopher games, good; trying to help kids get a better education, garbage.

    I have sympathy for my friends who still have to deal with Mark Dayton on a daily basis.

    • Jim G

      There would be no retired teachers if the tenure law was revoked only former teachers who were laid off because they cost too much. This latest push by Norm Coleman’s pact is indeed garbage.

    • Chris

      Do the teachers in, let’s say, Minnetonka and Woodbury have unions like the teachers in Minneapolis and St. Paul? Yes, well then there must be some other reasons for the different outcomes.

      Do charter schools, which don’t have unions, get better results than public schools with unionized teachers? No not really?

      Killing teachers unions has nothing to do with improving education. I guess there is some other ideologically driven reason for the constant teacher bashing from the GOP. Perhaps it is because the underlying economic reasons for different outcomes is something you’d rather not address.

      • kevinfromminneapolis

        Odd responses. In 9 years working for the people writing the proposed law I didn’t hear a single one of them do any “teacher bashing.” In fact, some of them were actual teachers, working with teachers to write the bill! The parents who beg for this change don’t do it in a way that bashes teachers either. I assume you’ve talked to them.

        I guess there is some other ideologically driven response for immediately shifting the discussion to union strength and framing any talk of change as teacher bashing. Perhaps it’s because the underlying goal of protection union power first and foremost is something you’d rather not address.

        • Chris

          You have yet to explain your contention that eliminating teacher tenure will magically improve the education gap. That is why it is ideologically driven, rather than evidence based policy making. Looking for a lot more of these red meat proposals from the house GOP that will go nowhere. Republicans should really stop trying to dismantle every element of security workers have.

  • MikeB

    Morning games are garbage. For an industry that prides itself on so much tradition, they will drop those traditions when you wave a $10 bill in front of college presidents.

    I’d wish the Governor would come out in favor of paying the players, spreading the enormous wealth around.