Colbert’s goodbye

It’s not as if Stephen Colbert is going anywhere. He takes over for David Letterman, of course. But his character — Stephen Colbert — is being retired and last night was the last Colbert Report.

“I did something much harder than change the world,” he said. “Folks, I samed the world. Another Bush governor is running for the White House. People on TV are defending torture. We are sending troops into Iraq.” When the Report began in 2005, he said, “I promised you a revolution, and I delivered. Because technically, one revolution is 360 degrees right back to where we were.”

The last show gave us a chance to play “name the famous people,” because, you saw Henry Kissinger, right?


A real going-away comes tonight. Darlene Love sings “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” for the last time on David Letterman’s show this evening (the show was taped yesterday). It’s a holiday tradition that goes back to 1986.

Must viewing: The times Colbert cracked himself up.