Cab company refuses lift for man with disabilities

A lot of cab drivers feel threatened by upstarts like Uber and Lyft, but they’re not helping themselves with the story from WCCO today about a man with disabilities who couldn’t get a lift.

Mike Cohn tried to get a ride after leaving Toby Keith’s bar in St. Louis Park over the weekend, the station says.

“The first cab said I had to pay $20,” Cohn said.

Mike says that driver wanted to charge him a $10 fee for his walker. He says the next driver ignored his request for a ride.

“Didn’t even try to help me at all,” Cohn said.

Cohn then asked a security guard from Toby Keith’s for help.

Shawn Johnson is the head of Security, Toby Keith’s.

“I knocked on his window and the guy wouldn’t even look at me. He knew I was there, knew I worked here and wouldn’t even face me,” Johnson said.

Johnson says three more drivers, all from Blue and White Taxi, turned him down.

“Very upsetting for me to see it,” Johnson said.

Blue and White told WCCO they’re trying to get to the bottom of which drivers are to blame.

“I’d like to apologize to him,” Jeremy Kramer said.

The company is using GPS to track down the offending hack.