At newspapers, lutefisk stretches limits of good taste

This is way better than dumping ice water on your head.

The Grand Forks Herald staff recently tried lutefisk, the infamous Norwegian dish that makes any reasonable person wonder where Norwegieans went wrong, exactly.

They hated it, of course.

“I feel like I’m going to puke,” one person, sworn by her industry to tell the truth, said.

So they challenged their regional newspaper pals to try lutefisk, too, and the Bemidji Pioneer accepted the challenge, proving that the reason people eat terrible things is because there’s nothing else to do around here.

“This makes me want to stand out by the highway holding a sign that says ‘Don’t eat lutefisk,'” said Pioneer reporter Zach Kayser after taking down a forkful of the cod.

The scribes subsequently challenged two other Forum newsrooms — Echo Press in Alexandria and the Brainerd Dispatch — to take the challenge or donate to local charity.