Ruling leads more firms to end birth control coverage

Another area businesses has prevailed in its refusal to cover contraceptive costs in its health-care plan because of the owners’ religious beliefs.

The Hastings Gazette reports Hastings Automotive, a Ford and Chrysler dealer, won its case against the Obama administration today when Judge Paul Magnuson issued a permanent injunction against the government .

Magnuson cited the U.S. Supreme Court victory by Hobby Lobby, in which justices said forcing a business to pay for coverage for contraceptives violates principles of religious freedom.

“It has long been my conviction to run my business according to the teachings of my faith,” owner Doug Erickson said in a press release from the Liberty Institute, which represented him. “I am grateful that the court’s ruling today allows me to remain obedient to the convictions of my faith without compromising my beliefs to obey government.”