84-game losing streak ends for girls basketball team

The 84-game losing streak is over for the Climax-Fisher girls basketball team.

The Knights ended the streak with pizazz, beating Bagley in double overtime and doing so with just three players on the floor.

Says Deadspin:

Climax-Fisher only dressed eight players for the game, and four of them fouled out before regulation was over, meaning they started playing the first overtime 4-5. Then, two minutes into the second overtime another player fouled out. On offense Climax-Fisher didn’t make a field goal in either overtime, instead running an offense designed to draw fouls, where they went 12-17 from the free throw line. On defense they played a zone, with one player under the basket, one at the free throw line, and the final one on the perimeter.

Final: Climax-Fisher 62 Bagley 58.

The Knights zoom to first place in the Pine to Prairie Conference with a 1-0 record.

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