For several years, I’ve been considering what sort of unique and insightful (or inciteful, as the case may be) post would constitute the 10,000th NewsCut post.*

Ten-thousand is significant because (a) it’s a lot (b) we in the media have a weird fascination with round numbers with lots of zeroes and (c) there will never be a 20,000th NewsCut post so this is our only shot at numerical blog immortality in the “public radio” category.

But then I decided to eschew the unique and insightful and just use the post to point out that the next post will be 10,001.

That was worth waiting for, eh?

Fine, then. Here’s some cats puppies doing stuff.

* – Does not include the posts deleted under threat of North Korean hackers.

  • jon

    Today Bob wins the internet.

  • You have been assimilated!

  • Tyler

    We’re dissolving into clickbait, huh? You Won’t Believe What News Cut Links To For Its 10,002 Post.

  • BJ

    Nice 10,000 – but you know 15,000 would be a good number to party over. Get cracking!

  • KTN

    Congrats on this milestone, and as a cat owner, thanks for the 10 minutes of time waste.

  • Carol S.

    Congrats, Bob! I was late to the party, but it’s been lots of fun. Here’s hoping for several thousand more.

  • joetron2030

    Congrats, Bob! One of my favorite blogs! You forgot to make the title for this one “Upworthy”-worthy. LOL.

  • CHS

    Hey, why won’t there be a 20,000th? I mean it’s only taken what, 7 years? You better not be saying that you plan to retire soon Bob!

    We the readers should get to approve any succession plans……

    • Jeff C.

      Wait, with the new format (individual posts instead of 5×8) he should hit 20,000 in fewer than 7 years. There’s hope!

      • I’m retiring in about 4 years and there won’t be any succession. MPR isn’t going to continue NewsCut when I leave.

        • Cosmos

          You are NewsCut, it would be hard to follow in your footsteps.

  • Jeff C.

    I can’t wait for 11,111. Oh, and 12,345 will be another great one!

    Congrats on hitting the milestone. Please don’t retire because you hit it. I work with someone who is retiring now after being at my employer for 50 years. I’m sure she was ready to retire earlier but kept going just so she could hit the 50 years mark.

  • John O.

    Congratulations on reaching the coveted 10k mark!

  • MikeB

    Congrats on 10,000! NewsCut is one of the top blogs I follow, I check back several times a day. What I find here I do not find anywhere else.

  • Noelle

    Congrats on 10,000th post milestone! Here’s to many more 🙂

  • kacky

    I couldn’t watch past the first one, it was so cruel. I bet you also laugh when you see someone fall down.

  • Cosmos

    Thank you for switching to puppies, I never watch cat videos and rarely puppy videos. But today I’m sitting here with a cold feeling miserable, and I realized my dog does about 1/3 of what was in the video, and I remembered how blessed I am to have such a wonderful dog in my life. I hope I bring as much joy into his world as he brings into mine.