When primates grieve

The news today that the newborn gorilla at the Como Zoo has died brings two images to mind for us.

First, is this one from San Francisco Zoo, where a new western lowland gorilla died earlier this month when it was crushed by a door.

San Francisco Zoo

The remaining six grieved over the loss and comforted the mother, the zoo said.

And the other picture is this famous one, which showed the reaction of other chimps, when a dead chimp was removed from a rescue center in Cameroon.

Monica Szczupider / National Geographic
  • Chris Hatch

    at this point I just can’t stomach going to zoos anymore. It just feels so wrong to me that we keep animals in these tiny, tiny environments.

    • walemale

      Yeah, screw zoos and their breeding programs for endangered animals, their rehabilitation efforts, taking in injured animals and being a source of education to help people learn the importance of conservation. Down with that!

      • Chris Hatch

        Yeah because its so great to see a cat pacing non-stop because it is clearly going crazy from being confined in such a small space. Because a bear should really be in the tiny enclosures at Como.

        Maybe breed in wildlife refuges? Maybe teach in different ways?

        Maybe let people have different opinions without being a prick?

        • Michelle Mai

          I can’t say it’s any better out in the wild, with their natural habitat shrinking and disappearing and poachers killing non-stop. With no Zoo’s or conservation programs, all animals would cease to exist due to the horrendous hunters killing for fun and trophy. I would love to say that nature will have it’s checks and balances but us humans are vicious.