The nature of forgiveness (cont’d)

Last month, Zoe Galasso was shot and killed at a lunch table in the school cafeteria in Marysville, Washington.

Of the people who were shot by her classmate, Jaylen Fryberg, Zoe was the first to die. Fryberg took his own life.

Fryberg’s mother stopped by the Galasso household a few days later.

“I hugged his mom, told her I loved her,” Michelle tells KING TV in Seattle today. “She’s hurting. She’s grieving. She lost her child as well.”

“In order for me to heal from this, I have to forgive because I cannot waste my life hating or being angry. I just can’t,” Michelle said. “I’ll never know why he did it and he took away one of the best things that I ever brought into this world, but he’s a child too.”